Saturday, February 20, 2010

Expected Change in Demand - Register Early

I'm expecting full classes in the fall. I teach at Mesa Community College whose classes are a substitute for those at Arizona State University and the two other four year state schools. The state universities are planning on raising tuition:

The presidents of Arizona's three state universities are proposing steep increases in tuition this fall, saying they are necessary to make up for cuts in state funding and the uncertain economy.

The biggest increase would be at the University of Arizona, which is proposing a $2,130 jump in tuition and fees for undergraduate students, raising the cost by 31 percent, to $8,972 a year.

Meanwhile the Maricopa County Community Colleges, of which Mesa is a part, are not raising tuition.

Students at the 10 Maricopa County community colleges likely will not see a tuition increase next year, a decision driven by more money than anticipated from property taxes and belt-tightening in the budget...

Tuition for Maricopa County residents would remain at $71 per credit hour in 2010-11, or $2,130 for a student who takes a full-time load of 30 credits per year. That's the same rate as 2008-09 and the current school year.

Since the price of the substitute is increasing, I expect our demand to increase.

Note to students. Register early. We're going to have a full house in the fall so get your preferred classes locked in early.

Also note that if you take econ from me you are in a class with up to 32 students. If you take it at ASU, you can be in a room with 350 of your closest friends.

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