Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cell Phones for Everyone

The annual survey on cell phone use in the US came out last week. A couple of interesting things struck me. We now have 303 million subscribers and a population of 311 million. That means we have one cell phone for everyone over the age of 2 here in the US.

The total cumulative capital investment since 1985 is $310 billion or about $1,000 per phone in use. That strikes me as a really small investment given the communication capabilities. I suspect that our hardwired phone system cost a whole lot more.

The return on that investment also appears to be pretty healthy. The average monthly bill is $47.21 or $566 per year. New investment is running about $25 billion per year or 15.6% of gross revenues. That's a fairly hefty investment rate for an industry, although this one is still growing rapidly.

Amazing stuff.



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