Sunday, February 20, 2011

Locating Cell Towers

The Arizona Republic Sunday edition carried a couple of stories about wireless service providers locating cell towers on church property. I remember when the systems were first being built and companies were looking for sites, especially along highways. My church is right next to the 51 at the north end of the Dreamy Draw. We had a free standing cross structure that needed major repair or replacement. The estimate was $15K which we didn't have.

A cell tower solved the problem. Cricket custom designed a structure, based on our existing cross structure, tore down the old one, put up the new one and has paid us about $1K in monthly rent ever since. The structure was also about a third taller than the original which put it above the trees.

Just recently I noticed that they reused the design. There is an identical structure on far eastern loop of the 202. Again on church property overlooking the highway.


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