Friday, June 11, 2010

Defining "Green Jobs"

Apparently I have a green job.

On March 16th the BLS issued a notice in the Federal Register asking for comments on what constitutes a "Green Job." While there doesn't seem to be any official definition, congress and the administration still want to count and track "Green Jobs." As part of their comment request, the BLS gave their best shot at defining a "Green Job."

To start things off, the BLS provided a list of 7 categories of economic activities as well as 4 types of green goods and services. They also provided a list of green goods and services industries for inclusion in "Green Jobs."

I teach an online course in Environmental and Natural Resource Economics at Mesa Community College. This falls under NAICS code 611210. The economic activity is category 7 - Education, and the service is type 1 - Direct green good or service.

You might want to peruse the list, it has some fairly interesting entries. Everything from lead free bullet production to organic beer distribution services.

HT: Ed Morrissey at Hot Air




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