Sunday, May 02, 2010

Energy Graphics

I ran into an energy graphic over at Donald Marron's web page. It puts together a bunch of graphics that are available at the EIA web site. His big take away was that a lot of the energy we use really turns into waste heat. This is very true given electric generation losses as well as conversion losses in internal combustion engines and turbines. I didn't see this as a big deal since as an engineer, I've been dealing with gross inputs versus net production since I started school. For example, the conversion rate for solar to electricity is in the teens.

Anyway, lots of good flow diagrams.

Energy Flow

US 2008 Supply Sources - Demand Sectors

Energy Flow 2008

Petroleum Flow 2008

Coal Flow 2008

The sources for all of these are the annual energy reviews (AER) of each sector. Clink on most AER's and there is an energy flow graphic available.

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