Saturday, September 05, 2009

Economic Development in Gilbert

Now this makes a lot of sense as an economic development strategy.

Gilbert may emerge as a Valley leader in clean and renewable energy, if the town's economic-development effort goes as planned...

Patton led the town in attracting Arizona BioDiesel, an alternative-fuel company that turns the cooking oil
that restaurants throw away into fuel that any diesel engine can burn.

AZ BioDiesel started in Chandler, then moved to Phoenix, but faced difficulties meeting
those cities' codes, owner Dan Rees said.

Patton invited Rees to a meeting with every member of town staff the business would have to deal with to open.

"They didn't understand why the other cities were giving us such a hard time," Rees said.

Beats the heck out of giving away tax credits and tax rebates. Increases efficiency as well.

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